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What is a UPC Code?

A UPC code is a unique number used to identify a product. UPC codes are often encoded in the form of a barcode for quick lookup using barcode scanners. While there are a number of different barcode lengths, UPC codes in particular contain 12 digits. The final digit, the check digit, is used to detect errors in the UPC code when entered manually or with a barcode scanner.

What is an EAN Code?

An EAN code is an one digit extension of the UPC code that is used in most countries across the world. Since EAN codes are a superset of all UPC codes, the UPC code can be converted to an EAN code by simply prepending a zero to the front of a UPC. The first two to three digits in a EAN code are used to identify the product's country of origin.

What is an ASIN Code?

An ASIN code is a proprietary identifier used by Amazon to differentiate products. ASIN codes are comprised of ten alphanumeric characters which can contain both letters and numbers. A particular ASIN code might map to multiple UPC & EAN codes or vice versa.

Who looks up UPC Codes?

Search BarcodesPeople around the world lookup UPC codes and scan barcodes for a multitude of reasons. Shoppers may lookup barcodes to find an exact style and size of a particular piece of clothing. Working professional lookup UPC codes to find unique hardware such as computer parts or manufacturing parts. Businesses lookup product codes in bulk for ecommerce and strategic analysis.

Why are Barcodes used?

  • Inventory control for a business.
  • Reducing human error through typing or writing.
  • Package tracking during sales or purchases.
  • Product identification at stores and warehouses.

How can I lookup product codes?

You can use our product search engine to lookup products by UPC, EAN, or ASIN. For those working on technical projects, feel free to checkout our API for programmatic access to our product database.

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