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Barcodable takes over the grueling task of data collection and validation. Quickly fetch product data at scale with little to no effort. Simply supply an ASIN, UPC, or EAN code to get product data.

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What Can You Do with Barcodable?

A remarkably versatile API packed with features.

Stay Ahead

Stay ahead of the market by tracking competitor pricing. Never get undercut by the competition ever again.

Power Apps

Power your app or website with product images, titles, descriptions, and more. Barcodes are for computers. Display meaningful titles and imagery in your application.

3 Product Codes

Lookup or convert between the major product identifier codes UPC, EAN, and ASIN. Did you know each ASIN may actually be represented by multiple UPC or EAN codes?

Top 5 Reasons to Use Barcodable

Premium Amazon Data

Get Amazon product data without requiring special approval or being forced to pay higher rates.

Skip the Crawling

Data collection is fault tolerant and handled at scale, meaning you don't have to write or manage your own crawling cluster.

Validated Results

Results are parsed and validated for you, even if they change, which means you can focus on using the data immediately.

Lowest Price

No other service provides access to this much data at this price.


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