EAN 9781587282430

Magnetism and Electricity: Magnetism by Brian Murphy (2001, Hardcover)

UPC 9781587282430 Barcode
UPC 9781587282430
ASIN 1587282437
GTIN-13 9781587282430
EAN-13 9781587282430
ePID 1926471
ISBN 1587282437
SKU 1001-WS1601-A03010-1587282437
Product Category Book
Manufacturer Cooper Square Publishing Llc
Last Updated July 16, 2017 20:07

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EAN 9781587282430 is the universal product code for Magnetism & Electricity. This product was first discovered on January 17th, 2017. This EAN code is associated with 1 product manufactured by Cooper Square Publishing Llc in the Book category.

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